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Background and Personality

Thion is




Male Human Druid (Saluwe) 1 / Order of the Verdant Champions 7
5'0", 120#, light brown hair, hazel eyes, 22 years old (DoB xx/xx/1000 (11/13/2006 - Starting age 20)
Alignment: LN
Homeland: Coryan, Illonia Province
Languages: Low Coryan, Druid, plus see below
Deity: Saluwe
Strength 14 +2 16 +3
Dexterity 14 +2 16 +3
Constitution 14 +2    
Intelligence 12 +1    
Wisdom  14 +2    
Charisma 14 +2 16 +3

Initiative: +5 (+3 Dex, Wary)
Armor Class:

21 (+3 Dex, +1 Ring of Protection, +6 (Sicarite Leather +3), +1 Amulet of Natural Armor) / FF 18 / Touch 14

Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 73 (-1 due to Ebon Oath)

BAB +7/+2

Attack Bonus Weapon Damage Critical Range Notes
+13/+8 on solid ground
+1 GMW Bastard Sword (Falanimus) 1d10+6
1d10+7 on solid ground
19-20/x2 -- 1.5x Str mod to dmg (used 2-handed), Inherent +1 to damage, Earth Mastery
+12/+7 on solid ground
Longspear 1d8+5
1d8+6 on solid ground
x3 -- 1.5x Str mod to dmg (used 2-handed), Earth Mastery, Reach 10', Cannot be used against adjacent foe, Cannot be thrown
+12/+7 on solid ground
Alchemical Silver Sickle "Moonlight" 1d6+2
1d6+3 on solid ground
x2 -- Earth Mastery, Bypasses DR/silver, attacks do -1 dmg per attack, min 1 point
+13/+8 on solid ground
+1 Longbow 1d8+2
1d8+3 on solid ground
x3 100' Earth Mastery
Special Qualities:

Automatic Languages: Druidic
Bonus Languages
Spells (Druid): 3 - 0-level, 1 - 1st-level (+1 bonus for Wis)
Animal Companion
Nature sense
Wild Empathy

Aura of Faith
Stability (+4 to resist bull rush or trip)
Strength of the Earth (+2 to Str)
Divine Grace (apply Cha mod to saving throws)
Lay on Hands (heal HC level * Cha mod per day)
Divine Health (immune to disease, including magical disease)
Thorn of Saluwe (form a spear, may enhance with channeling)
Channeling (channel 3+Cha mod / day)
Gaea's Embrace (use channeling to create heavy armor - channeling dmg split between armor bonus and duration in hours)
Earth Mastery (+1 on attack and damage if self and mount are touching solid ground. -4 to attack and dmg if opponent is air- or waterborne)
Special Mount (Stone Destrier, remains for 2 hours / HC level)
Spells (HC): 1 - 1st level
(+1 bonus for Wis)

Racial abilities:
National skill (Illonia) - Diplomacy
Base speed 30'
Size: Medium

Added +1 to Str at 4th level, +1 to Wis at 8th level


Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +6

Includes Ring of Resistance +1

Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy (but no metal)), Shield Proficiency (no metal; not including Tower shields), Track, Versatile (Search and Spot), Wary, Weapon Proficiency (Simple and Martial, plus club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, short spear, sling, spear, natural attacks, all bows, khopesh, terbutje)

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Diplomacy +9 4 +3 - Cha +2 synergy (Sense Motive)
Intimidate +5 0 +3 - Cha +2 (Falanimus)
Knowledge: Nature +16 9 +1 - Int +2 unnamed (Nature Sense)
+2 unnamed (Book from the Collection of Secundus val'Mordane)
+2 synergy (Survival)
Knowledge: Religion +3 2 +1 - Int  
Knowledge: The Planes +- 0 +1 - Int +2 circumstance for Earth subtype or from Elemental Plane of Earth (not included)
Listen  +5 4 +2 - Wis    
Search +7 6 +1 - Int  
Sense Motive +6 5 +2 - Wis  
Spot  +15 11 +2 - Wis   +2 xxx
Survival +17 11 +2 - Wis   +2 unnamed (Nature Sense)
+2 synergy (K: Nature)
Wild Empathy +4 -- +3 - Cha +druid level (1)
+0 synergy (Handle Animal)
+4 circumstance regarding animal companion (Link) (not included)



Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Altharin (aka Ancient Imperial; Tongue of Man) Altherians, scholars Ancient Mannish
Cancerese common people of Canceri Coryani
Coryani, Low (aka Common) common people of eastern and southern Onara Coryani
Coryani, High Val and other educated people of eastern and southern Onara Coryani
Druidic Druids (only) Local
Dwarven Dwarves, Giants Giantish
Eloran Elorii Ssethric
Golic Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Golic
Gnollish Gnolls None
Harnen Harns Kio
Infernal Infernals (i.e. Demons, Devils, and evil outsiders) Infernal
Khitani, Low common people of the Khitani Empire Khitani
Khitani, High educated people of the Khitani Empire Khitani
Kio Kio Kio
Milandesian common people of Milandir Coryani
Myrantian nobles of Toranesta Myrantian
Orc Orcs None
Ssethric Ssethregorans Ssethric
Ss'ressen Ss'ressen Ssethric and Coryani
Unden Undir Kio
Yhing Hir Yhing Hir Khitani and Coryani
Ymandrake Ymandrakes Ymandrake



  • Animal Companion: Scamp - Male Wolf
    • Wolf, Medium Animal; HD 4d8+8; hp 36; Init +3 (Dex); Spd 50 ft.; AC 18 (+3 Dex, +5 Natural), touch 13, flat-footed 15; BAB/Grapple +3/+5; Atks Bite +6 Melee (1d6+2); Full Atk Bite +6 Melee (1d6+2); Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.; SA Trip; SQ Low-light vision, scent; Al N; SV Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +2.
      Str 14, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
      Skills: Hide +6, Listen +4, Move Silently +6, Spot +7, Survival +7 (+11 total when tracking by scent).
      Feats: Track, Weapon Focus (Bite).
      Link (Ex): A druid can handle his animal companion as a free action or push it as a move action.
      Share Spells (Ex): At the druid's option, he may have any spell he casts upon himself also affect the animal companion. Companion must be within 5' st time of casting; if the effect has a duration longer than instantaneous, it stops affecting the companion if it moves more than 5' away. Spells with range of "you" can be cast on the animal companion.
      Trip (Ex): A wolf which hits with a bite attack may attempt to trip its opponent (+1 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the wolf.
    • Training (6 base + 2 bonus trick).
      • Attack - attacks all creatures (counts as two tricks)
      • Defend - defends druid, even without a command; can command to defend another specific person
      • Down - stands down from combat
      • Heel - follows closely, even if he otherwise wouldn't go
      • Stay - stays in place
      • Track - tracks the scent presented to him
      • xx
Honors and Organizations Favors, Recognition, and Reputation
  • None
  • Altheria
    • Altherian Emissaries [Emissaries]
  • Atria
    • Notice of Desdinvoa val'Assante [Still Waters Run Deep]
  • Emerald Society
    • A Budding Reputation [The Long Shadow]
    • Aftermath of Saura [The Isle of Saura]
    • A Night to Remember [An Evening of Wealth and Taste]
    • In Memory of Dig 17 [Twilight Always Falls]
    • The Scenic Tour of Canceri [The Cold and the Dark]
  • Metra
    • Favor from Metra - Umoch val'Baucisz [The Doom That Came to Eppion]
    • Favor of Captain Norbanus Tubero [Decadence & Discipline]
    • Favor of Saval Nareesh [A Parting of Mists]
    • Favor of Sybil Pyli-Sungha [Shed Light, Shed Blood]
    • Gratitude of House N'sai [A Parting of Mists]
    • Ire of the Brine Queen [A Parting of Mists]
    • The Bounty of Mikhel val'Baucisz, Dead or Alive - Sertorius val'Assante [Shed Light, Shed Blood]
  • Midake
    • Favor of Tikal [Tree of Shadows]
    • Loyalty of Ralian [Tree of Shadows]
  • Nishanpur
    • Contact with the Confraternity [Halatafl: A Game of Fox and Geese]
    • Favor of Corlinth of Savona [City of Secrets]
  • Nol Dappa
    • Encounter with the Nol Dappans - Favor of Nol Dappa [To Craft the Vaults of Hell]
  • Old Coryan
    • Demon Draft Denouement - Drinks on the House [Good for Business]
    • Demon Draft Draught of Folan's Nether [Good for Business]
    • Favor of Enkhu Shapseti [To Craft the Vaults of Hell]
    • Noted by Kelryk - Favorable[Good for Business]
  • Paldaris
    • Attention of Appius Durio val'Inares (Disfavor) [Breeding]
    • Favor of Firmum [Death]
    • Favor of Nicia val'Dellanov [Death]
    • Immortalized in Song [Death]
    • Notice of Durio val'Inares - Favorable [Fortunes]
    • Notice of Publius Trier - Favorable [Death]
  • Plexus
    • Favor of Lethos and Soolana Zathran [Little Fish, Where Art Thou?]
    • Notice of Sorus - Disfavorable [Little Fish, Where Art Thou?]
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • A Change of Luck [Luck of the Draw]
  • Alchemical Cold Bag [Death]
  • Arrows, Adamantine x15 [An Evening of Wealth and Taste]
  • Arrows, sleep x4 [The Long Shadow]
  • Ebon Oath [Twilight Always Falls]
  • "Falanimus" Superior Mastercraft Bastard Sword [Gift from Antonio val'Abebi - Hand of the Master]
  • Gratitude of the Emerald Society - Amulet of Health +2 [Twilight Always Falls]
  • Holy Symbol of Saluwe [Fortunes]
  • +1 Longbow [Purchased, upgraded with Favor from Metra, The Doom That Came to Eppion]
  • Mark of Yarris [Still Waters Run Deep]
  • "Moonlight" Alchemical Silver Sickle [Breeding]
  • Pestilence Shield [Death]
  • Potions and Oils
    • Alchemical Stash [Death]
    • Oil of Bless Weapon [Supply Run, Luck of the Draw]
    • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (uncerted) [Breeding]
    • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (uncerted) [The Doom that Came to Eppion]
    • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (uncerted) [Emissaries]
    • Swirling Black Potion (Potion of Greater Invisibility) [Little Fish, Where Art Thou?]
    • A Token of Thanks from Sir Jerrod Gelbachen - Potion of Lesser Restoration [The Cold and the Dark]
  • +1 Ring of Protection [Purchased, Marketplace]
  • Sable Cloak (Cloak of Resistance +1) [A Parting of the Mists]
  • Scrolls
    • Bless Weapon x3 [SR: The Isle of Saura]
  • Sicarite Leather +3 [Purchased, Marketplace]
  • Ssethric Earth Lore [Emissaries]
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds [Purchased, Arcanis Online VII Marketplace]
  • Beast Hide Armor [Gift from Yatagan - To Spin an Ancient Web]
  • Bones of the Earth [Emissaries] - expired 08/08/08
  • Gift from the Freeport Institute - cash [The Isle of Saura]
  • Sea Devil Crossbow [The Isle of Saura]
  • Ssethric Weapon [Emissaries]
  • Treasure from the Bandit King's Stash - cash [Fortunes]
  • Wand of Faerie Fire [Breeding]
Mundane Items Unusual Mundane Items
  • Arrows, 20
  • Healer's kit
  • Khopesh
  • Tanglefoot bag x2
  • Traveler's outfit
  • Lead Potion Bottle [A Parting of Mists]
  • Obsidian Figurine [Twilight Always Falls]
  • Strange Relic from the Sea [The Doom That Came to Eppion]


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