Darcy Gwynneth Dunlaoghaire

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Darcy at 17.


Darcy Gwynneth Dunlaoghaire is a youg human (Ffolk) lady from the Moonshae Isles, a group of islands off the Sword Coast. She stands a mere 5'3" tall and weighs about 100#. Her hazel eyes peer out of a pixie-like face framed with dark-brown hair, making her look younger than her 17 years. 

Darcy wears dark-colored (usually deep green) clothing cut close to her body but loose enough to allow her to move and tumble, under a set of black leather armor and with a deep green cloak overall. At her side is a rapier and a dagger, and a composite shortbow is usually slung over her shoulder. In the pockets of the cloak she keeps a whistle pipe and a set of juggling balls, either of which may come out during safe travel.

Darcy speaks with a soft Moonshavian brogue, but her words are often rapier-sharp. Her wit is plied mostly in jest on her friends and acquaintences, but can be used to deadly effect on her enemies as well. 

Background and Personality

Darcy grew up on her parent's farm in the rural Moonshae Isles, near a small village near the city of Caer Corwell, on the island of Gwynneth. She was always fascinated with climbing and jumping - her family learned early that they should look *up* if she wasn't readily found, as she was probably perched in the rafters of the barn or high in a tree. The youngest of the family, she was more than a little of a tomboy, and was far more interested in following her father or big brother around than in what her mother or sisters were doing. 

Darcy was usually a cheerful child and very inquisitive, but could be very focused and had a rather stubborn streak. The focus was most evident when learning weapons-work or other skills, or on the trail of a piece of information. It was that focus, and the collection of skills she acquired as a consequence of wanting to know that eventually brought her to the attention of those at the Castle. She started learning weaponswork while quite still young, and practicing her other skills not long after.

When her older brother Padraig left home two years ago, Darcy wanted very badly to join him. But Padraig refused to have her, thinking her too young and unskilled to accompany him. She might have tried to follow him anyway, but her mentors convinced her that they could teach her more - and that when they were done, she would have the skills to be able to find her brother. So, she accepted their tutalage for another year, then, with their blessings, set out on her own for the City of Ravens Bluff, her brother's stated destination. 

She arrived in Ravens Bluff in the early fall of 13xx, and immediately accepted some commissions for work for the City. She received confirmation that her brother was indeed in the City from a local bard who had remembered his pipes, and who recommended checking at the Bard's Guild for him. Following the lady's advice, Darcy inquired at the Guild, but her first inquiries bore no fruit. She did, however, join the Guild - the Fellowship of Blades - herself,  finding them congenial and hoping that residing at the Guild would help her locate Padraig more quickly. 

Not long after, Darcy returning to the Guild and heard a duet being played in Fiddler's Green - and one of the players was performing on the Uillean pipes! Hurrying through the crowd, she arrived in time to see her brother Padraig just packing up after a performance with a diminutive elven lady. As Darcy watched, the two of the them headed toward the taverns near the Guild. Unable to wait any longer, even though she might be interrupting one of Padraig's famous dalliances, Darcy moved up behind them with a casualness she didn't feel, and greeted Padraig.

Fortunately, he appeared happy to see her, and not too upset when the lady gracefully offered to meet him for a drink and talk some other time. Padraig and Darcy then repaired to a nearby tavern to catch up.

Darcy's additional instruction and travels across Faerun over the last year have honed the impetuous child into a capable young woman. She can still be impetuous, and sometimes a little sharp-tongued, but she is good-hearted and has (mostly) learned when she has - or is about to - go too far with her comments. She retains her need to know and the skills to acquire that knowledge, and has augmented them with additional weapons expertise, among other skills. 

Five months and many missions for the city of Ravens Bluff later, Darcy's expertise has grown. However, while the experiences of being turned to stone and nearly dying several times have dampened her enthusiasm for the adventuring life only a little, watching her brother nearly die several times has convinced her that he's right in wishing to return to the Moonshaes. When he decides to go back, Darcy will accompany him, hoping for a little adventure along the way. She hopes as well for an additional travelling companion - of late, Tatalasan Moago has been showing particular interest in her, and while Darcy is not sure of her feelings, she is also not anxious to be parted from him and denied the opportunity to discover what they are.

Darcy's hopes for any long-term relationship with Tatalasan were cruelly dashed when one day, not long before the foursome was to leave Ravens Bluff, Darcy and Tatalasan were snowed in and took the opportunity to really sit down and talk. Darcy soon discovered that Tatalasan had never really accepted her training or background. Confronted with the reality of someone trained in spycraft and assassination - even if used only for good - his image of her shattered, and with it, the fragile relationship that had been building between them. 

Darcy, Padraig, and Katerina left Ravens Bluff a few days later, Darcy not having had any further contact with Tatalasan. 

Now in the Scardale capital of Chandlerscross, Darcy believes that she's found someone with whom she would like to share her life. She is much more sure of her feelings for Tanner, the premiere Weaponsmaster in the town, and has been spending a great deal of time with him, apparently to their mutual delight.


Darcy has ten siblings - nine older sisters and an older brother. Padraig, her brother, is the sixth of the family, and a Bard and adventurer. Darcy always admired her older brother and tagged along behind him whenever possible. Unfortunately, when he left home two years ago, she was unable to follow, though she followed to follow and find him as soon as she could. 
Dad Cian Dunlaoghaire (KEY-an  dun-LEER-ee)
Mom Eilann (EYE-lahn)
Siblings Ciara (KEY-ra)
  Fionnuala (fin-NOO-la)
  Maire (Moira)
  Siobhan (shi-VAWN)
  Caile (KOY-la)
  Padraig (PAW-drig)
  Aideen (AY-deen)
  Maeve (MAYV)
  Brianna (bree-AHN-na)
  Saibh (sive (rhymes with dive))
  Darcy Gwynneth  


Female Human (Ffolk) Rogue 3 / Ranger 1
5'3", 100#, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 17 years old (DoB 09/13/13xx (2002))
Alignment: CG
Home Region: Moonshae Isles
Deity: Chauntea
Strength 10  0
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution 10  0
Intelligence 16 +3
Wisdom  10 0
Charisma 11  0

Initiative: +4 (Dex)
Armor Class: 18 (+4 Dex, +2 Leather armor, +2 Ring of Protection)
Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 24
Attack: BAB +3
+8 melee (Rapier, MW 1d6 [18-20/x2])
+6 melee (Rapier, MW 1d6 [18-20/x2]) + +3 melee (+2 Shortsword 1d6+2 [19-20/x2]) (Two weapon style)
+5 melee (+2 Shortsword 1d6+2 [19-20/x2])
+3 melee (Dagger 1d4 [19-20/x2])
+3 melee (Sap 1d6 subdual [x2])
+7 ranged (Shortbow, composite 1d6 [x3])
Special Qualities:  Sneak attack +2d6
Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC)
Track, Two-Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity
Favored Enemy: Thayvians
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +2
+1 to saves vs. energy draining and death
Size: Medium

Acrobatic (+2 on Jump, Tumble), Ambidexterity, Armor Proficiency (light), Strong Soul (+1 to Fort and Will saves, additional +1 to saves vs. energy draining and death), Track, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (Rapier), Weapon Proficiency (club, crossbow (hand, light, or heavy), dagger, dart, heavy mace, light mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, rapier, sap, shortbow (normal and composite), short sword).

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Balance +12 7 +3 - Dex +2 synergy (>= 5 ranks Tumble), included
Bluff +0 
0 +0 - Cha +2 circumstance involving Rashemi (Token of the Hathran), not included
Climb +7 5 +0 - Str +2 circumstance (Climber's kit), included
Decipher Script +4 1 +3 - Int  
Diplomacy +0
0 +0 - Cha +2 circumstance involving Rashemi (Token of the Hathran), not included
Disable Device +12 7 +3 - Dex +2 circumstance (MW Thieves' Tools), included
Escape Artist +8 5 +3 - Dex  
Hide +8 5 +3 - Dex  
Intimidate +1 0 +0 - Cha +1 speciality (Bard's Guild Apprentice), included
Jump +10 6 +0 - Str +2 unnamed (Acrobatic, S&S), included
+2 synergy (>= 5 ranks Tumble), included
Listen +3 3 +0 - Wis  
Move Silently +8 5 +3 - Dex  
Open Lock +12 7 +3 - Dex +2 circumstance (MW Thieves' Tools), included
(Juggle, Whistle Pipe)
+2 2 +0 - Cha  
Pick Pocket +8 5 +3 - Dex  
Ride +5 0 +3 - Dex +2 circumstance (Military saddle), included
Search +10 7 +3 - Int  
Spot +3 3 +0 - Wis  
Swim -2 0 +0 - Str -2 competance (Umberlee - dolphin pin), included
Tumble +14 7 +3 - Dex +2 unnamed (Acrobatic, S&S), included
+2 synergy (>= 5 ranks Jump), included
Wilderness Lore  +5 5 +0 - Wis  

  • Light riding horse 
    • Military saddle
    • Bit and bridle
    • Saddlebags
Honors and Organizations  
  •  Bard's Guild, Fellowship of Blades (Journeyman)
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Beggar King's Favor (The Beggar Factory)
  • Bracers of Armor +2 [Torg] (Dragon's Law)
  • Commendation for Exceptional Service (Temple of the Iron Codex)
  • Disfavor of the DeSheers Family (Family Ties)
  • Gem of Brightness, 10 charges [Sacore] (Shadows of Sevenecho)
  • Jar of Wondrous Mud, 2 applications [Torg] (Too Much of Me is Magic)
  • Pearl Dolphin Pin (Starboard Stuff)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, caster level 3 (Family Ties)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, caster level 5 (Sea Dog Stories)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, caster level 5 (Ow! Quit It!)
  • Potion of Delay Poison, caster level 3 (Future Problems)
  • Potion of Lesser Restoration, caster level 3 (Future Problems)
  • Recognition of Exceptional Service, Scroll with healing circle (Temple of the Iron Codex)
  • Ring of Protection +2 [Tayla Strongarm]
  • Short sword, MW (Future Problems)
  • Short sword +2 [Artta] (Silence Going for Death Rd 3)
  • Thieves' Tools, MW (Castle Zadrian)
  • Token of the Hathran (Rouge)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, caster level 5 (Sea Dog Stories) - used, Future Problems
Mundane Items
  • Arrows, 20
  • Candles, 10
  • Climber's kit
  • Cloak, deep green
  • Clothing, close-fitting but loose, deep green
  • Dagger
  • Flint and steel
  • Juggling balls
  • Leather armor, black
  • Mirror, small steel
  • Quiver
  • Rapier, MW
  • Rapier
  • Sap
  • Short bow, composite
  • Thieves' tools, MW
  • Waterskin
  • Whistle pipe


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