Journey to the Moonshaes

Katerina, along with her friends Padraig and Darcy Dunlaoghaire, left Ravens Bluff before the cataclysmic events that destroyed the city to travel to the Dunlaoghaires' home in the Moonshaes. Their plan was to travel through the Dales and Cormyr, then up to Silverymoon, and back down the Sword Coast to take ship at Waterdeep for the Moonshae Isles.

Timeline of the Journey
Journey Description
Journal of People and Places

 Journey Timeline

Dates Places  Notes 
  Final trip to Joss' Inn Includes a few days in Ravens Bluff before sailing.
  Sail Ravens Bluff to Scardale Town Sail on the morning tide; arrive ??
  Journey from Scardale Town to Chandlerscross  

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 Journey Description

The trio left Ravens Bluff early in 13xx, in Alturiak, just after Midwinter, and took ship for Scardale. Passing quickly through Scardale Town, they arrived in Chandlerscross, the capital of Scardale. There, finding a congenial inn, they decided to spend a few weeks waiting for the roads to the west to clear, and practicing swordwork with one of the local weaponsmasters, Tanner Vorsson.

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 Journey Maps

Map short name Map description  Notes 
Dales and Cormyr Overview map including the Dales and Cormyr, as well as parts of the Vast, Sembia, Anauroch Desert, and nearby areas to the west.  
Dalelands Overview Overview map of the Dales  
Chandlerscross Road from Scardale Town to Blackfeather Bridge, centered on Chandlerscross (or Chandler's Cross)  

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 Journal of People and Places

This journal details the people and places Katerina, Padraig, and Darcy met or visited along the way.

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