Kayley Tardreth Seabury

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Kayley's wolf Frost and owl Hunter.


Kayley is a tall, athletic woman - about 5'10" and 150#. Her long hair is dark brown with hints of gold, and she regards the world calmly and fearlessly through clear grey eyes. She wears a plain linen shirt and trousers in rich blue underneath chainmail, polished so that it gleams, with a grey cloak trimmed in gold embroidery over all. The hilt of an extremely well-made greatsword peeks over one shoulder, its scabbard shot through with blue and purple lightning, and the tip of an exotic-wood longbow over the other. At her waist is another scabbard, plain and unadorned, of a size for a shortsword.

She is accompanied by a 9-month-old female wolf cub, Frost, and a male short-eared owl, Hunter.

Background and Personality

Kayley was born and raised in Amythdor, one daughter of House Seabury, a noble House specializing in sea trade.

She began her travels at an early age, being sent to Vanyr to meet her relatives there when she was but 7 years of age. She then shipped out with her cousin Bethany on her regular runs. By the time she was 15, she was an accomplished seaman and had learned swordsmanship and diplomacy. Her proficiency in those skills earned her a place in the Diamond Legion at an earlier age than most.

At 17, her two years' mandatory service in the Diamond Legion up, she traveled to Mensaharan as her House's agent, seeing some action along the way. At 18, she debated whether to return to the Legion, to her family's ships, or try something different. She has also felt the pull of a call to Galvandt, though she does not yet know in what form that service should be. Her decision, prompted by various requests from the Diamond Legion and others, was to apply her skills as an adventurer in Amythdor for the time being. That decision has been made easier by the friends she's made and usually works with.  

Kayley is even-tempered and calm, and has faced all of the challenges she's encountered with courage and aplomb. She is friendly and outgoing, with a good sense of humor.  She is very protective of those weaker than she and follows the Duties of Galvandt scrupulously.


House Seabury is one of the Noble Houses of Amythdor, and Kayley one of its daughters. Her father is Lord Consul Tymos Seabury, and her mother is High Lady Deybri Seabury.

Kayley's travels to Mensharan were with the caravans of a successful merchant and trader, and distant cousin - Emerson Tardreth, Dragonstar Shipping and Trading. Emerson treated her almost as a foster daughter, and upon their return to Amythdor, introduced her to his family. Since her work for her House often brought her back into contact with the family, she became close to them, and they became a second family to her.

Kayley knew Emerson's first wife, Melisande, only briefly, as the lady died in an undead attack not long after they met. Their four sons, all older than Kayley, are in the family business, working as caravan leaders or ships' captains. Emerson married again not long after - this time to Anemone, a sea elf. Kayley adores Anemone and gets along very well with her and her gentle, if sharp, sense of humor. Emerson and Anemone have two sons, one having just started his duty with the Diamond Legion as a sea-guide, and the other studying magic at the Silvidia Academy. 

The Tardreth family home is in the Sea District, and Kayley can often be found there when not at home in House Seabury.

General Information about House Seabury

Family Name: Seabury
Family Crest: Three leaping dolphins on a blue field
Family Motto: <tbd>
Year Raised to Nobility: 1591 AF
Consul: Lord Consul Tymos Seabury
Consul’s Spouse: High Lady Deybri Seabury
Family Members: Stephen Magnolia, Bethany Cantor, Daniel Bailey, Liam Richards, Anthony Fredrich, Ottmar Quentin, Basia Depeche, Chris Burana, Suzzane O’Collins, Niles D’Artelien
Family’s Main Interests: Shipping
Relations with Other Houses: Has long time rivalry with House Sahdein, Very friendly with House Mour.

Private Information About House Seabury - Do NOT read unless you are a Family member!

Throughout the far reaches of the Free Lands, the swift sailing vessels of House Seabury represent Amthydor in sea borne trade. Their outward-bound cargoes of gems, jewelry, ornate smithy work and superb specialty metalwork and castings reap bountiful reward among the many distant cities of the realms.

House Seabury is the second largest importer of Amthydor , controlling trade with the territories of the west through the Commodores of Seabury, overseas based agents of the house established in key cities and controlling trade with that region. Vessels sailing to the lands of the east and south are controlled directly by the Commodore of Amthydor, and sail primarily in the service of House Mour's agents, who also dominate Amthydor's land-based trade to the north.

The Lord Seabury sits on the Nobles Council and also has nominal charge of "The Admiralty", the paramilitary advisory council on foreign trade and naval affairs, composed of the ambassadors, leading merchants and naval officers. This leadership is shared with the current Admiral of the Diamond Legion, if only to maintain coordination of forces at sea.

The internal politics of House Seabury are more convoluted than most, as the Lordship is not inherited as in other houses (anyone knowing Clavel's Noble House books will understand). The successor is chosen by the current Lord from full members of the Seabury bloodline, and has passed at least once as far as a third cousin. The Lord is only allowed a maximum of 10% of the assets of the house as his personal claims ? the remainder is family property.. Resignation can be forced by unanimous request of the Commodores of Seabury.

The Commodores of House Seabury maintain trading residencies in key ports around the far shores, acting as semi-independent agents dominating sea borne trade activity between Amthydor and their established overseas bases. They are chosen from successful merchant captains of the house, and they are not necessarily family members (about half are family).

The vessels of House Seabury are unique among the inland sea, small sturdy vessels of 30-50 tons, single decked, of broad beam and shallow draft, an unusual fore and aft sail rig and a partially retractable centerboard, allowing swift sailing a full two points closer to the wind than any common type (read: modified schooner). When engaged, they will normally turn into the wind so that none can follow and speed away from their pursuers. They are only at a disadvantage when against a windward shore or when engaged in a calm or from upwind. 

A key factor in understanding House Seabury is its close ties to the nearby nation of Vanyr, which lead to both internal and external conflict. In Vanyr, these ties roused the ire of the merchants controlling nearby city-states and nations to bring about a war. Noting the Vanyran saying that only a fool interferes with the profits of good trade, House Seabury took a longer view and kept trading. Traffic with Vanyr boomed. When the privateers of House Erkias interdicting this trade refused to recognize the Seabury Flag, the charges of piracy arose, especially following a grisly incident involving a cargo and passengers under contract from House Mour. 

Lord Consul Tymos Seabury (hm, age 45) An indirect descendant of the line from one of the poorer branches of the family, Tymos won his spurs in the Vanyran trade, becoming Commodore and marrying well. Lord Tymos is especially bitter about the actions of House Erkias as an Erkias “Privateer” killed his father while running a vessel under contract to House Mour on the Vanyran run 
High Lady Deybri Seabury (hf, age 31) second daughter of a major Vanyran trading house, whom some say married better than her husband. Lady Deybri just laughs whenever anyone mentions the former Vizier to the Lord Monarch. Perhaps she knows something they don't? 
Stephen "The Saint" Magnolia (em, age 157) One of the few non-human members of House Seabury, Stephen is also unusual as a cleric of Meneon and a former privateer of the Corothian navy. He has had loose ties with the house for years, which solidified when he met Bethany, his new bride. 
Bethany "Sugar" Cantor (hf, age 37) An accomplished Seabury trading captain, currently on leave from her official duties as a Seabury Commodore following her wedding, Bethany is a direct descendant of the founding line, and is the heir apparent to the Seabury leadership 
Daniel Bailey (hm, age 60) Recruiting officer. No, merchant houses don't run pressgangs to get their crews, do they? Well, he hasn't been caught anyway. (Perhaps he does a favor for the Diamond Legion recruiters now & again.) He has no connections to the Noble House Bailey, and gets very angry when anyone suggests it. 
Liam Richards (hm, age 66) Not of the Seabury bloodline, Richards is the most widely respected of the Commodores. He controls shipping routes to the south and east under contract to House Mour.
Antony Freidrich (hm, age 51) Elder half-brother of Lord Tymos (mothers side) and a native of Vanyr.) Controls trade with northern Vanyr, and as a native landed merchant, holds an occasional seat on the Fives Council. Imports include textiles, marble, wicker and glassware from Vanyr and leather goods from farther east. He is also working to open the silver and copper trade between House Pelligari and nearby nations. 
Ottmar Quentin (hm, age 37) of the Seabury line, whose duties include supervising shipbuilding activity for House Seabury at the yards, controls trade with Corothia. Imports include warhorses, perfume, ships, leather worked cloth, armor, ivory and bone. 
Basia Depeche (hf, age 38) not of the Seabury line: controls trade with the western heartlands. Imports include rare dyes, dark wine, leather work, glues, fine mounts, medicines, exotic mushrooms, and perfumes. 
Chris Burana (hf, age 45) Controls trade with the semi-hostile cities of southern Vanyr, including ships, pottery, glassware, objects d'art, musical instruments, books, fashions, luxury scents, soaps, furniture, art, and fine wool cloaks and linens. 
Suzzane O'Collins (hf, age 29) of the Seabury Line. Quick and confident, impetuous yet competent, Suzzane (does NOT respond well to "Suzy") handles the alternate daily run to Jadenspur and back. 
Niles D'Artelien (hm, age 30) Why Commodore Richards suffers this fop and wastrel, as his assistant is not understood by any, despite any plausible debt of honor in his past. Has an uncontrollable crush on Suzy. 
Jandalea "Windtossed" Seabury (former PC) 
Tiberius Seabury (former PC) 
Selene Seabury (former PC) 
Kayley Tardreth Seabury


Female Human Noble 1 / Fighter 10
5'10", 150#, dark brown hair with a gold tint, grey eyes, 20 years old (DoB 02/18/15xx (2003) - starting age 18)
Alignment: NG
Home Region: Amythdor
Languages: Common, Mensharan
Deity: Galvandt
Strength 16 +3 20 +5
Dexterity 14 +2 16 +3
Constitution 13 +1 15 +2
Intelligence 12 +1    
Wisdom  14 +2    
Charisma 14 +2    

Initiative: +5 (Dex, Wary)
Armor Class:

30 (+3 Dex, +11 (+3 Mithral Full Plate), +3 Ring of Protection, +3 Amulet of Natural Armor) / FF 27 / Touch 16 / Incorporeal Touch 19 (Bracers)
22 (+3 Dex, +3 Bracers of Armor, +3 Ring of Protection, +3 Amulet of Natural Armor) / FF 19 / Touch 16 / Incorporeal Touch 19 (Bracers)

Cold resistance 10.  

Speed: 20 ft.
hp: 106 (includes Blessing of Pietos)

BAB +10/+5
+18/+13 melee (+1 Greatsword, Shocking, 2d6+10 + 1d6 electrical on command [17-20/x2])  (Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, 1.5x Str, Improved Critical)
+18/+13 melee (+1 Adamantine Greatsword, Frost, 2d6+10 + 1d6 cold on command [17-20/x2])  (Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, 1.5x Str, Improved Critical)
     Note: Power Critical gives +4 to confirm critical hits, and Power Attack allows points to be taken from attack modifier to apply to damage - because Kayley uses the greatsword 2-H, twice the points taken are applied to damage.
     Note 2: Desperate Blow allows Kayley to sacrifice one attack in a full round action to add +2 to attack and +1 to damage to her primary attack.
+18/+13 melee (+3 Scimitar, 1d6+8 [18-20/x2]) (Effective Quickdraw)

+16/+11 melee (MW Sap, 1d6+5 subdual [x2])
+14/+9 ranged (+1 Darkwood Composite Longbow +5, 1d8+6 [x3])

Special Qualities:

Elite Lifestyle (+2 to Cha-based skill and ability checks)
Rank Hath Its Privileges
Wealth ((50 + 50/Cha mod)gp starting extra, and every year, and MW weapon to start)
Breeding: Choice of ability. 1st level choice - Diplomacy
Bonus Feat x4

+1 to Str at 4th level
+1 to Con at 8th level

Saves: Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +10
(Includes Cloak of Resistance +3, Gloves of Dexterity +2)
Note: Will not turn and run if failed will save vs. fear, but takes all other penalties. (Nerves of Steel)
Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Cleave, Desperate Blow, Greater Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Improved Critical (Greatsword), Nerves of Steel, Power Attack, Power Critical, Subduing Strike, Wary, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Weapon Proficiency (simple, martial), Weapon Specialization (Greatsword).

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Bluff +9 5 +2 - Cha +2 unnamed (Elite lifestyle)  
Diplomacy +22 10 +2 - Cha +4 competance (Breeding)
2 unnamed (Elite lifestyle)
+2 synergy (Bluff)
+2 synergy (K:Nobility and Royalty)
+2 synergy (Sense Motive)
(3 ranks cross-class)  
Gather Information +7 1 +2 - Cha +2 unnamed (Elite lifestyle)
+2 synergy (Bluff)  
Handle Animal +8 4 +2 - Cha +2 unnamed (Elite lifestyle) 
Intimidate +11 5 +2 - Cha +2 unnamed (Elite lifestyle)
+2 synergy (Bluff)  
Knowledge (Arcana) 0 0 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (Architecture / Engineering) 0 0 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 0 0 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (Geography) +2 1 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (History) +2 1 +1 - Int
Knowledge (Local) +7 6 +1 - Int (1 rank cross-class)
Knowledge (Nature) +2 1 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (Nobility / Royalty) +6 5 +1 - Int (3 ranks cross-class)
Knowledge (Religion) +2 1 +1 - Int  
Knowledge (The Planes) 0 0 +1 - Int  
Listen  +3  +2 - Wis    
Ride  +6 +3 - Dex   +2 equipment (Military saddle)
+2 synergy (Handle Animal)  
Search  +1  +1 - Int    
Sense Motive   +10 8 +2 - Wis   (2 ranks cross-class)
Spot  +13  9 +2 - Wis   +2 (Wary)
(3 ranks cross-class)
Swim +10 0 +5 - Str +5 (Ring of Swimming)

  • Frost - Female Wolf
    • Wolf, Medium Animal; HD 2d8+4; hp 13; Init +2 (Dex); Spd 50 ft.; AC 15 (+2 Dex, +2 Natural, +1 Pawbands of Protection), touch 12, flat-footed 13; BAB/Grapple +1/+2; Atks Bite +3 Melee (1d6+1); Full Atk Bite +3 Melee (1d6+1); Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.; SA Trip; SQ Low-light vision, scent; Al N; SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +2 (includes training).
      Str 13, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
      Skills: Hide +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +3, Spot +3, Survival +3 (+7 when tracking by scent) (includes training).
      Feats: Track, Weapon Finesse (Bite).
      Trip (Ex): A wolf which hits with a bite attack may attempt to trip its opponent (+1 check modifier) as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking an attack of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the wolf.
    • Trained Animal: This is special, extensive training for both owner and animal. Training increases the Will save of the animal by +1, and the Survival skill by +2, and also teaches the ATTACK, COME, CORNER, DEFEND, DOWN, DRAG, GUARD, HARRY, HOME, HUNT, RETREAT, SEEK, and TRACK.
  • Hunter - Male Owl
    • Owl, Tiny Animal; HD 1d8; hp 4; Init +3 (Dex); Spd 10 ft., Fly 40 ft. (average); AC 17 (+2 size, +3 Dex, +2 Natural), touch 15, flat-footed 14; BAB/Grapple +0/-11; Atk Talon +5 Melee (1d4-3); Full Atk Talons +5 Melee (1d4-3); Space/Reach 2 1/2 ft./0 ft.; SA Nil; SQ Low-light vision; Al N; SV Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +2.
      Str 4, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 4.
      Skills: Listen +14, Move Silently +17, Spot +6 (+14 in areas of shadowy illumination).
      Feats: Weapon Finesse (Talons).
    • Purpose - Hunting: Attack, Down, Fetch, Heel, Seek, Track.
Honors and Organizations Favors, Recognition, and Reputation
  • Diamond Legion
  • Fiondi Telpina Adventuring Company [Bedroom Eyes] - "Hawks of Silver" 

  • Founding members:
    • Maven Drowsdotter
    • Arangil Wildwatcher
    • Kayley Tardreth
    • Quillios Mionodel
  • Anonymous Information Contact [Prince of the Paupers]
  • An Anonymous Gift (Cash) [Making Up for Lost Time]
  • Blessing of Brianna [Birds of a Feather]
  • Blessing of Pietos [Down and Out in the Shining Jewel]
  • Bronze Medal with Blue Ribbon [The Dead of the Night]
  • Citation of Valor [The Dead of the Night]
  • Commendation for Service [Prince of the Paupers]
  • Enmity of the Beast [Lions, Tigers, and Bears...]
  • Favor of Captain Carter [Smoke and Mirrors]
  • Favor of Captain Vestra [Help Wanted!]
  • Favor of Captain Vestra [Under the Streets]
  • Favor of the Diamond Legion [Terror from Below]
  • Favor of House Seabury [Fool's Gold]
  • Favor of Julian Halperin [Sour Grapes]
  • Favor of Kestu [Down and Out in the Shining Jewel]
  • Favor of Lady Lilyra [The City That Never Sleeps] - 11 levels of spell casting
  • Favor of the League of Thaumaturgical Studies [The City The Never Sleeps] - 11 levels of spell casting
  • Favor of Lucor [Temples]
  • Favor of Meneon [Night Ransom]
  • Favor of Nileena Quinn [Bedroom Eyes] - expert in makeup and clothing, +2 circumstance bonus to Cha-related checks (3 uses)
  • Favor of the Noble Houses [Cookin' Good]
  • Favor of Rosewood [Dire Consequences]
  • Favor of Sergeant Kenness [Until Proven Innocent]
  • Favor of Sgt. Gyrsan [Cookin' Good]
  • Favor of the Sha Shari [Smoke and Mirrors]
  • Gratitude of Amthydor [City of the Dead]
  • Gratitude of Amthydor [Due Process]
  • Gratitude of the Brothers Dolmur [Ties that Bind]
  • Gratitude of the Diamond Legion [City of the Dead]
  • Gratitude of the Druids [Lions, Tigers, and Bears...]
  • Gratitude of House Mour [Night Ransom]
  • Gratitude of the Lord Monarch [Prince of the Paupers]
  • Gratitude of the Quorum of Faith [City of the Dead]
  • Guild Agent Certificate of Assignment Completion [Dead Racket]
  • Incentive (200gp from the Consortium) [Merchant's Price]
  • Nileena's Gift [Due Process]
  • Notice of the Elven Party [From Bitter Searching of the Heart]
    • Favorable: Dorissa Undiria, Harosheth Daegalen
    • Neutral: Elzaphan Altaira
    • Unfavorable: Lady Rhiannon Aaleyah, Zanorah Manut
  • Performed the Task [Tooth and Claw]
  • Recommendation of Lord Consul Augustus Grimm [Nobles]
  • Reward from Destine [Birds of a Feather]
  • Visit to the Lost City (attuned) [The City that Never Sleeps]
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Amulet of Ardra's Tear [Terror from Below] - 2 uses
  • +2 Amulet of Natural Armor [Dead Racket, plus upgrade [Cookin' Good]]
  • Belt of Giant Strength +4 [purchased at Marketplace]
  • +2 Bracers of Armor [Merchant's Price]
  • +3 Braces of Armor [A Three-Hour Tour]
  • +3 Bracers of Armor [Prince of the Paupers]
  • +3 Chainmail [Night Ransom]
  • +3 Cloak of Resistance [To Wake the Soul]
  • Cloak of Travel [Help Wanted!]
  • Collar of Resistance +1 [Lions, Tigers, and Bears]
  • Deus Ex Machina [To Wake the Soul]
  • Disc of the Phoenix [Jaded Life]
  • Druidic Mushroom of Cure Light Wounds x3 [Call of the Wild]
  • Elmo's Thanks [Due Process] - Neutralize Poison
  • Feather of Ska-ree [On a Wing and a Prayer Rd. 1] - Bless at 10th level (one use)
  • Feather Token: Swan Boat [Prince of the Paupers]
  • Goodberry Banana [On a Wing and a Prayer Rd. 2]
  • +1 Greatsword, Shocking [Father's gift; Shock ability added in Lament]
  • Handy Haversack [Lions, Tigers, and Bears...]
  • Holy Water from the Temple of Hyperion [Temples] - 10 vials
  • I Know a Secret! [To Wake the Soul]
  • Illudra's Gift [Making Up for Lost Time]
  • Kethlo's Blindfold [Gift from Victoria Vance, Help Wanted!]
  • Mercedes Mending Kit [Merchant's Price]
  • +1 Darkwood Composite Longbow +5 [upgrade from Help Wanted!]
  • +1 Pawbands of Protection [Lions, Tigers, and Bears...]
  • Potions
    • Cure Light Wounds [Terror from Below] - cast at 1st level
    • Cure Light Wounds [Diplomacy Made Easy] - cast at 1st level
    • Cure Light Wounds x2 in a heart-shaped bottle [Nobles] - cast at 5th level
    • Cure Serious Wounds x2 [On a Wing and a Prayer Rd. 1] - cast at 5th level
    • Cure Serious Wounds [Fool's Gold] - cast at 5th level
    • Cure Serious Wounds x2 [The Quick and the Dead] - cast at 5th level
    • Shield of Faith [Diplomacy Made Easy] - cast at 1st level
  • Ring of the Mensharan [Terror from Below]
  • +2 Ring of Protection [Smoke and Mirrors]
  • Ring of Swimming [From Bitter Searching of the Heart]
  • Scabbard of Holding [Down and Out in the Shining Jewel]
  • Ska-ree Scimitar +3 [On a Wing and a Prayer Rd. 2]
  • +1 Bastard Sword, Flaming [Ghost Town] - given to Victoria before Paper Dragon]
  • +1 Chain Shirt [Bedroom Eyes] - given to Vladimyr after Night Ransom, when Kayley acquired +3 Chainmail
  • Marinating Jar [Nobles] - sold at Marketplace
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds [Merchants] (cast at 1st level) - Used in Terror from Below
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds [purchased, To Catch a Thief] - cast at 1st level - Used in Paper Dragon
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds [Nobles] - cast at 5th level - used in Haunted by the Past
  • Reward from Rafael [Child of Beauty] - sold at Marketplace
  • +1 Ring of Protection [Author, Author!] - given to Tansiq after Smoke and Mirrors when Kayley acquired a +2 Ring of Protection
Mundane Items Unusual Mundane Items
  • Arrows, MW, 20 in quiver and 20 at home
  • Backpack (usually at home)
  • Explorer's outfit
  • Flint and steel
  • Marbles, 1 bag (one bag at home)
  • Pouch, belt, 2
  • Sap, MW
  • Sunrod, 5
  • Waterskin
  • A Hero's Reward [Due Process] - 100gp
  • Antoclis Painting [gift from Victoria, For Love of Beer]
  • Black Bear Fur [Fool's Gold] - given to Tansiq
  • Black Bear Gall Bladder [Fool's Gold] - given to Tansiq
  • Book of orcish erotica (not for the faint of heart) [Author, Author!] - given to Salazar, who is *very* interested in books [Temples]
  • Bottle of Halperin Wine [Sour Grapes] - Bourcelona
  • Business Share from the Consortium, worth 100gp [Pirates Ahoy!] - sold to Salazar for 150gp
  • Carved Ivory Haircomb (carved in a design of entwined roses) [Dire Consequences]
  • Clothing Voucher [Jaded Life] - 100gp worth of clothing
  • Commemorative Kewpie Doll [Call of the Wild]
  • Custom Tailored Outfit (Courtier's Outfit) [Call of the Wild]
  • Daiguon Hand Fan [Grimm Evidence - gift from Victoria]
  • Eyepatch [Pirates Ahoy!]
  • Free Baked Goods! [Jaded Life]
  • Gift of Fine Clothing - Noble's Outfit [Lions, Tigers, and Bears...]
  • Glass Windchimes [purchased, To Catch a Thief] - 5 gp
  • Gnome Statue [gift from Victoria, For Love of Beer]
  • Gold coin with four eggs and inscription "Together at last", x2 [Grimm Evidence]
  • Hammered Dulcimer, MW [Grimm Evidence]
  • Hand-blown Glass Egg (Burgandy) [To Catch a Thief]
  • Hand towel from the Gilded Cage x2 [La Cage Au Doré]
  • Hourglass [purchased, To Catch a Thief] - 5gp
  • Keg of Bialtor's Black Beer [For Love of Beer]
  • Mithral Item [Rights of Passage]
  • Pewter Mug [Let It Snow!]
  • Regatta Reward [Fool's Gold] - Bottle of Ibarran Dark '71 worth 100gp
  • Sea Shells, 2 [Pirates Ahoy!]
  • Set of Flower Drawings (roses, iris, daffodils, and violets) [Dire Consequences]
  • Silver Bell [purchased, To Catch a Thief] - 5 gp
  • Souvenir Banner [Fool's Gold] - Lord Monarch's Regatta
  • Souvenir Tabard [Fool's Gold] - Lord Monarch's Regatta
  • Spice Draft [Jaded Life] - 100gp worth of spices
  • Sweet Memories Antidote x2 [Grimm Evidence]
  • Wooden Game Set (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon) [purchased, To Catch a Thief] - 50 gp


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