Rosalie J. Cameron

Rosalie at 19.


Rosalie J. Cameron is a proper young woman of about 19 years. She stands 5'7", and weighs 125 lbs., with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She carries herself with the unconscious self-assurance of the wealthy and powerful, but is invariably polite and well-spoken.

Rosalie always dresses elegantly and in the most tasteful and becoming clothes; no one has ever seen her rumpled or turned out less than perfectly. She's graceful, and able to charm almost everyone she meets. She is of average intellect, and generally level-headed but inclined to be a bit reckless and take chances that aren't necessarily prudent. So far, however, she's taken remarkably little harm - physically or financially - from the chances she's taken. She's not strong and tires more easily than she would like, but tries to keep going nonetheless. 

When not traveling, Rosalie lives in a San Franciso townhouse. Notable among her staff, as they have been known to accompany her on certain of her travels are:
Jeanette Duval, personal maid
Henry Carter, manservant
Tabbitha Grey, seamstress.

Background and Personality

Note to the reader: Most of the information below is information Rosalie will not discuss unless asked directly, and even then there are things of which she will not speak. Therefore, please treat this information as OOC information.

Rosalie grew up on her parent's estate south of San Francisco, learning to ride, shoot, and hunt at an early age. Her parents had hoped that she had the talent for magic, but were disappointed in that Rosalie showed no interest at all in the subject. Rather, she spent most of her time with the horses or in the ballrooms of San Francisco Society, acquiring a knowledge of the workings of that Society that sometimes astonishes her parents.

As she grew older, Rosalie realized that she didn't know quite what she wanted to do with her life. She didn't have her mother's special gifts for scholarship and common sense, nor any real interest in magic. However, she was interested in horses, business, and languages, and worked diligently to be a worthy heir to her father. 

She grew up with the knowledge that there are dark forces as well as benign in the world. Her father was disfigured in a magical accident - to be honest, he's not quite human anymore, though that fact is NEVER spoken of outside of the family. The remedy was in the hands of her father's enemy, who destroyed it and many innocents rather than let Jason have it. Thus, when Rosalie was approached by one of her father's friends and associates about having the opportunity to combat such evil, she readily agreed. 

Although she sees her father's friend regularly, he has not again spoken of the matter. Rosalie waited patiently until he did, or until another opportunity presented itself, spending time in the meantime with the horses, the business, and quite a bit of travel. She has visited London and Paris, as well as Boston and New York and has been welcomed by the Society crowd there and in several other large cities in America and abroad.

It was while she was traveling to Chicago for the World's Fair that the opportunity for which she had been waiting presented itself. There she found herself working with a varied group of travelers like herself, all of whom worked diligently to bring a successful resolution to a problem at the Fair. Since then, Rosalie has travelled to places as remote as the Catskill Mountains of New York and as far as South Africa. 

However, it was in Milwaukee that the gifts her parents were sure she had finally surfaced. In thanks for taking care of a troubling situation for a wealthy Milwaukee family, she was given a violin. Not long after, the violin seemed to awaken something in her, and she felt the stirrings of magic. She still only wields the most rudimentary magic, but continues to work with the violin. Something seems to be telling her that constant practice will bring its own reward.


Rosalie is the eldest daughter of Rail Baron Jason Cameron and his wife Rose. Both Jason and Rose are noted scholars and breeders of Arabian horses. They are also adepts, but keep that fact from Society in general. Jason and Rose live on their estate south of San Francisco and rarely leave it; consequently, when Rosalie was old enough, they gave her the San Francisco townhouse and staff. She has augmented that staff since with others that accompany her on some of her trips. 


Female Human Tradesman 10 / Adept 2
5'7", 125#, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 22 years old
Birthday: 09/21/1876
Strength 7  -2
Dexterity 18 +4
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 11 0
Wisdom  10 0
Charisma 17  +3

Initiative: +4 (Dex)
Armor Class: 14 (+4 Dex)
18 with mage armor
Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 62 (60 until 11/05/07)
Attack: BAB +8/+3
+14/+9 ranged (MW Navy pistol 2d6-1)
+13/+8 ranged (Navy pistol 2d6-1)
+12/+7 ranged (Army pistol 2d6+3)

+12/+7 ranged (Derringer 1d6)
+12/+7 ranged (Repeating Rifle 3d6)

+7/2 melee (Bowie knife 1d4-2)
Special Qualities:  Bonus Skill Focus feat for Craft skill
Added +1 to Con at 4th level.
Added +1 to Con at 8th level.
Added +1 to Con at 12th level.

Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +7
Fear +8, Horror +4, Madness +7
-4 to Fear, Horror, or Madness checks related to Ophthalmophobia (cured, Return to Lost Valley)
+1 resistance bonus from Ward of the Tuatha de Danann [Holiday in Ireland]
+1 holy bonus to Fear or Fortitude saves from Silver Ankh (Dark Powers check required) [Return to Lost Valley]

Not included:
+1 to Will saves vs spells, spell-like effects or Supernatural abilities of mummies [Sand Trap]

Base Dark Powers checks:
+1% Silver Ankh
+1% Ward of the Tuatha de Danaan
+2% Enchanted Medicine Bag
+4% Potions
+2% Amulet of Nut
= 10% base

2% if ghost manifests
1% if Silver Ankh activates (every Fear or Fort save)
Double the DC of a Dark Powers check if the Violin is used to cast a spell
4% if Enchanted Medicine Bag is activated

Notice of Imhotep:
15% [Unspeakable]
15% [Cycle of the Hunter]
5% [Cycle of the Hunter]

Size: Medium

Skill Total Ranks Attribute
and modifier
Bonus and type Notes Class
Animal Husbandry +5  5 +0 - Wis      cTxA
Archeology +4 2 +0 - Int +2 unnamed bonus Certed bonus xc
Bluff +8 5 +3 - Cha     xc
Dancing +6 3 +3 - Cha     xc
Diplomacy +12 7 +3 - Cha +2 synergy, Bluff
+4 bonus when dealing with government agencies regarding matters of a scientific or cultural nature (not included)  
Equestrian +8 4 +4 - Dex      xc
Etiquette +13 4 +3 - Cha +4 synergy, Savoir Faire
+2 synergy, Diplomacy
FL: Ancient Crete +4 0 +0 - Int +4 unnamed bonus Certed bonus xTcA
FL: Arcane Magic +4 4 +0 - Int     xTcA
FL: Constructs +4 2 +0 - Int +2 unnamed bonus   Certed bonus   xTcA
FL: General +3 3 +0 - Int     xTcA
FL: Ireland +4 4 +0 - Int   Certed bonus ranks (4)   xTcA
FL: Unspeakable Knowledge - Imhotep +7 7 +0 - Int   Certed bonus ranks (7) xTcA
FL: Vampires +3 0 +0 - Int +3 unnamed bonus   Certed bonus xTcA
Gather Information +5 2 +3 - Cha     xc
Gunsmithing +5 3 +0 - Int +2 unnamed bonus, Skill Focus   cTxA
Handle Animal +4 1 +3 - Cha     xc
Hunting +1 1 +0 - Wis     xc
Language, Ancient: Egyptian +1 1 +0 - Int     xTcA
Language, Ancient: Greek +1 1 +0 - Int     xTcA
Language, Ancient: Sanskrit +1 1 +0 - Int     xTcA
Language, Ancient: Were-Leopard +2 2 +0 - Int   Certed bonus ranks (2) xTcA
Language, Modern: Arabic +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Chinese +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Eqyptian +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: French +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: German +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Hebrew +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Hindustani +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Hopi +0 0 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Italian +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Japanese +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Latin +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Nahuatl +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Portugese +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Romanian +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Russian +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Spanish +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Language, Modern: Zulu +1 1 +0 - Int     sp(xc)
Listen +15 11 +0 - Wis +4 unnamed bonus, Keen Sense (Hearing)   xc
Musician: Piano +5 2 +3 - Cha      cTxA
Musician: Violin +13 7 +3 - Cha +3 circumstance bonus, Violin of Emil Balan Certed bonus cTxA
Religion, Ancient - Egyptian +2 2 +0 - Int   Certed bonus ranks (2) xTcA
Search +1 0 +0 - Int +1 unnamed, Enchanted Medicine Bag (Horse totem) Certed bonus xc
Sense Motive +1 1 +0 - Wis     xc 
Sixth Sense +2 2 +0 - Int     xTcA 
Spot +0 0 +0 - Wis      xc
Teamster +5 5 +0 - Int     cTxA
Toxicology +2 2 +0 - Int     cTxA

Keen Sense: Hearing, Martial Weapon Proficiency (Rifle), Perfect Memory: Auditory, Savoir Faire, Skill Focus: Gunsmithing, Spell Focus: Conjuration, Uncanny Sense: Hearing, Weapon Focus: Navy Pistol.


Spells known:
DC for successful casting of spells is 8 (6 conjuration, 8 enchantment (with violin)) + spell level; roll is d20 + int mod.
0-level (4/day; spell save DC 10/12/12): daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, flare, ghost sound, light, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance.
1-level (2/day; spell save DC 11/13/13): alarm, burning hands, charm person, comprehend languages, detect secret passages, detect undead, disguise self, hypnotism, lesser confusion, mage armor, magic weapon, protection from evil, shocking grasp, silent image, sleep, true strike.

Spells to which Rosalie has access (0- and 1st-level only listed here):
0-level 1-level
  • detect magic
  • disrupt undead
  • read magic
  • resistance
  • mage armor
  • sleep
Book 1
  • flare
  • ghost sound
  • light
Book 1
  • alarm
  • charm person
  • ray of enfeeblement
  • ventriloquism
Book 2
  • daze
  • disrupt undead
  • light
  • mage hand
  • ray of frost
Book 2
  • charm person
  • endure elements
  • expeditious retreat
  • hypnotism
  • obscuring mist
  • shield
  • silent image
  • sleep
  • true strike
Book 3
  • ghost sound
  • mage hand
  • message
  • open/close
Book 3
  • hypnotism
  • mage armor
  • shield
Individual Spells
  • acid splash
  • daze
  • flare
  • ghost sound
  • mending
  • message
  • prestidigitation
Individual Spells
  • charm person
  • burning hands
  • comprehend languages
  • detect secret doors
  • detect secret passages
  • detect undead
  • disguise self
  • expeditious retreat
  • feather fall
  • hypnotism
  • lesser confusion
  • magic weapon
  • mount
  • protection from evil
  • shocking grasp
  • silent image
  • silent image

Pistol, Derringer (2)
Pistol, Navy (2)
Pistol, Army (2)

Rifle, Repeating
Rifle, Repeating (willed to Rosalie by Casey Jones)

Bullets, Derringer - 50
Bullets, silver, Derringer - 30
Bullets, Navy pistol - 50
Bullets, silver, Navy pistol - 110
Bullets, Rifle - 25
Bullets, silver, Rifle - 20
Holster for navy pistol
Rifle Cover

Calling cards
Pen, writing
Notebook, pocket (2)

French perfume and scented soaps (from Seamus MacGregor, PC, All's Fair)

30 17 vials of Oil of Magic Weapon (created / remaining)

Riding boots
Kid gloves
Skirt, walking
Blouse (2)
Dress, fancy
Suit, ladie's dress
Raincoat (oil slicker)
Ladies' dress watch
Proper clothing and accessories for all occasions

Club bag

Gunsmith's kit
Small oven for gunsmithing

Favors and Contacts:

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A summary of Rosalie's travels.

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 Traveling Companions

Some of Rosalie's traveling companions.

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